YarrowCheney uploaded two more Lorax concept arts a few days ago!




eric guillon has FINALLY posted some lorax concept art onto his blog and im the happiest person ever



The resemblance is striking



magical girl pose??? happy dvd anniversary thing yaaaay



Yoyo just found a Thneedville concept art, uploaded recently by concept artist Yarrow Cheney! She’s too lazy to post so I’m post.

Happy DVD anniversary~




im still lauhging at the fact that the onceler has a ladder that leads up to his outhouse because can you imagine him going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and being so out of it that he just walks out the door and falls on his face



Hey you poops I’m finally done being a potato and resting off my Otakon adventure so here’s some lame pics!!!

1st: Linecon 2k14 (okay so not really this is Friday but believe me I heard the mythical tales of the nightmare that was Thursday…i am a lucky duck)

2nd: Me cosplaying a literal meme. People asked me for sO many photos Friday..„,..

3rd: The Dream Team of 3 greed-lers (L to R Alex, Tessa/Rorakkusu, me). We got stopped for so many photos we didn’t make it to aNY PANELS;;; how bad WE b e…………….

4th: Us onceler buddies trying to capture the majestic mating ritual known as glovecest

5th: swag swag swag swag swag swag swag swag

6th: The Sticky Lump Bunch slaying once again (dOdONT ask questions)

Basically we were a gang of three hella oncelers walking around the con in single file with Alex at the front playing How Bad Can I Be on his literal movie-accurate electric guitar with mini-amp (yeah), me following holding the “How bad me be?” sign, and Tessa in the back probably snapping intimidatingly like a greaser in a musical. You done come to the wrong valley, Mustache.


Love this guy


Love this guy



that’s a creative use for the thneed