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As an art director in the 1970s, Cathy Goldsmith worked with Dr. Seuss. She tells NPR’s Lauren Migaki how the writer would come into the office to introduce his new books:  

He would gather everybody in a conference room. And first he would read the words to you aloud, and then he would show you the pictures. … It was fabulous ‘cause you would meet that book — not exactly the way a reader would meet it because it hadn’t all been pulled together yet — but you had that sense of discovery.

Though Seuss died in 1991, a new collection of his lesser-known work comes out Tuesday. It’s called Horton and the Kwuggerbug and More Lost Stories.

Image: Marco and other familiar Seuss characters — such as Horton and the Grinch — make an appearance in the collection of “lost” Seuss stories coming out Tuesday. (Courtesy Random House)



Bim and Ben lead bands with brooms

Ben’s band bangs and Bim’s band booms



I just went through this guy’s blog :’ ) he’s cool and a dork

i got carried away and did a difficult pose and made background art wow sorry if it looks weird

this is for badger because all her sons need love ok im gonna shut up now



sketch dump of amy



art from amy’s blog

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felt like posting all the art I’ve drawn for Amy’s blog on my main

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I get to see this tomorrow night Q___Q <3